Policy Statement Adopted Dec 2017
Modified and updated 4th October 2021

Administered by the Membership Vice President




THE SUNSHINE STATESMEN is the performance name of The Sunshine Coast Barbershop Chorus Inc.  The Chorus was formed on October 10, 1990, and is incorporated as a not-for-profit group under Queensland legislation.

It was established to enable male members of our community to experience the joy of singing in the Barbershop genre, and we continue to perform in public at various venues throughout the Sunshine Coast as opportunities arise. 

Barbershop singing is a unique 4 part (tenor, lead, baritone, and bass part), A'capella (without accompaniment), harmony style.

The Chorus aims to maintain a high quality of singing and therefore reserves the right to accept members based on an audition/assessment undertaken by the Musical Director.

We conduct rehearsals every Wed. evening from 7.00 to 9.30 pm at the Uniting Church Hall in Buderim.

Visitors are welcome to attend Chorus rehearsals at any time. The Membership Vice President (MVP) will be the point of contact to further any visitor’s interest in the Chorus. 


Whether as an independent visitor during the year, or a person attending our introductory program in February, once any visitor has expressed an interest in joining the Chorus, he is invited to complete a Membership Application Form. When completed, this form will be held by the MVP, pending the completion of the audition/assessment to establish that the applicant meets the required vocal skills. For this, the applicant will be provided with sheet music and learning tracks for the song chosen to sing in the assessment.

There is no fixed time given for visitors to consider their level of interest before making an application, but we anticipate a decision should be made within 3 - 4 weeks of the completion of the training course.


Following receipt of a completed Member Application Form, and as a pre-condition to further consideration of an application, a vocal audition/assessment will be arranged, to identify whether their vocal ability is at the level required. This is held in private and usually involves singing the part with a quartet or other small group of members.

Details and timing of the assessment will be made with the applicant at a date of their choosing (for those undertaking the introductory program, normally within 4 weeks of its completion). 

At the end of the assessment the applicant will be told one of three things:

a) They have reached the required level (minor areas may need attention)
b) They have not yet reached the required level and need to work on specific areas in order to reach the required level. They will be invited to request a re-assessment in approx. two weeks’ time.
c) It is unlikely that, at this time, they can perform to the level required without major improvement; they will be encouraged to work with a voice teacher/coach to improve their vocal production before applying for a re-assessment. Note, in this case, the MVP will have discussions with the Applicant to reach an agreement on further action, if any, to be taken.


After successful completion of the vocal assessment, most applicants will wish to finalize the processing of their Application for Membership as quickly as possible. The following notes cover several administrative matters to be dealt with.

1. Discussion with the Membership VP and payment of fees

The next step is a discussion with the MVP or other nominated officer.

The required level of commitment both for rehearsals and performances (sing-outs) and for regular personal practice will be explained, and expectations on both sides will be expressed openly with any concerns being aired. The application will then be confirmed.

The financial requirements for joining the Chorus will be explained and the applicant asked to pay the Treasurer the Fees payable in accordance with the Club Rules.

a) Initial fees for Barbershop Harmony Australia

All new members pay a one-off joining fee of $37.50 and a registration fee of $75 if applying before 1st July and 50% or $37.50 if applying after 1st July. Which is collected by the Treasurer and forwarded to our governing body Barbershop Harmony Australia.

b) Membership fees thereafter….

Then, as a member of the Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus, you will be required to pay an annual membership fee of (currently) $360 which is payable in two half-yearly amounts on 1st October and 1st April. 

This figure covers BHA registration fees, insurance cover, copyright costs, performance costs, our professional music director, and various training sessions throughout the year.

2. Application Considered by the Executive Committee

Once the required Fees are paid, the Membership Application will be submitted by the MVP to the Chorus Executive Committee for acceptance. The Secretary will advise each applicant of the outcome of his Application immediately following the decision of the next Executive Committee. Members of the Chorus are automatically registered with Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) and will be sent a Membership Certificate in the post. Members are welcome as visitors to other Choruses in Australia

Note that until this registration is completed a new member is not entitled to perform with the Chorus, other than at rehearsals. 

3. Music Package 

Members do not pay for music. The joining member will receive a package of copyrighted sheet music for the current chorus repertoire, from the Music Librarian. Please keep these music sheets clean and unmarked so that they can be returned when you retire from membership.

Sheet music is downloadable from our website under: ‘Learning tracks-lead-PDF’ The Membership VP will provide a user name and password for access to the website.

In this area of the website, members will also find a printable current repertoire. These are the songs you will need to learn so that you can sing at gigs with the chorus.

4. Name badge for member and partner.

The membership VP will arrange for the provision of a name badge for you and your partner.

5. Chorus Web Site

The joining member will be given the password to the member’s only section of the website and will be encouraged to visit and use the site regularly for such things as access to the audio learning tracks of our repertoire and registration of attendance at future gigs etc.

6. Weekly Rehearsal Charge

In addition to the Annual Fees above, all members are also required to pay a (currently) $5.00 fee at weekly rehearsals. This is payable only on the basis of attendance, not as a weekly fee. This fee will commence immediately following submission of an application to the Executive

7. Approval to Perform in Public 

All new members are encouraged to aim for a particular forthcoming event, learn the music and moves required to perform that event. Approval for any new member to sing for the first time in the Chorus at a public performance will be given by the Musical Director through the appropriate Section Leader                              

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